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I am Durvesh Yadav, a Digital Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Founder of Rising Star Digital Media Pvt ltd, Felicitated By Bharat Youth Award, and A World Record Holder!

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I Help Brands & Companies with PR & Marketing Consulting, If you are someone who wants to become #1 in your industry, increase your credibility, and build a good brand!

Durvesh is immensely talented and hard-working. His knack for smallest details and perfection, makes him excel among his peers.
I am sure, in the coming years, we will see him as a top entrepreneur from India.

-Dr. Lubna Kamal

Homeopathic Nephrologist

I have worked with Durvesh on a PR Project! His work is really great and whatever he does and suggest is the best! highly recommend it to anyone looking for the same.

- Dr. Alok Chandra

Success Coach| Business Guru| Author

Durvesh Yadav is one of the best people I have ever worked with. His knowledge is vast and extensive.  Durvesh Yadav is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company.


Co-Founder at Taxprobe

Durvesh's Book

Durvesh Yadav has written a unique motivational book to change the lives of students. His book has got the support of celebs and has also received a world record.

Durvesh Yadav
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