Durvesh Yadav'S Story: From Failure To A Rising EntrepreneuR


Durvesh Yadav


It was 2014, and I dared to dream of something big. A dream that had no big story, but just to do something different and big.

Kuch to bada karna hai’

I had no plans, no ideas, but just the zeal to do something big and of course unique.

I didn’t stop dreaming that day. I carried this dream and kept dreaming.


Durvesh Yadav


I tried to follow the crowd. I walked with my friends and tried to join the Indian Army and serve the Nation. However, that was not the call from within. That couldn’t be my dream honestly. But, why did I walk on that path? It was not my dream which led me to make attempts, but the society’s dogmas and the mindset of getting hold of a government job to make life secure.

However, destiny has a different journey for me. I got rejected in the SSB Interview!


Durvesh Yadav


When I couldn’t get through NDA/Government Exams, I found no way, but to follow what my friends were doing, although that was never my plan nor my dream. I walked on their path to becoming an Engineer.

Many suggested me not to opt for Engineering citing examples of many unemployed Engineers. However, as I could think of nothing, I decided to go for Engineering so that I could at least have a professional degree and could try for any job. Thus, I joined Lovely Professional University.


Durvesh Yadav


I met the scariest thing on earth – Depression when I was in the second year of Engineering. Life seemed to move without any clear path and I had to quit my Engineering. I decided to join some other course like Hotel Management as nothing seemed right to me. 

Moreover, seeing my senior engineering students getting placed and earning just 10k per month, not only shocked me but also put me in a state of confusion. I couldn’t figure out how could I survive if my life has to turn around with just 10 k. 

My mind got distracted to Hotel Management as my study told it would give 25 k per month which seemed better than Engineering. I called my father and narrated my plight with tears. I expressed my interest to do Hotel Management. My father was disturbed listening to my dilemma and rebuked me for my sudden decision. He suggested me not to worry and continue my Engineering with his firm words, “I will take care of your job.”


Durvesh Yadav

Developed Skills when deceived by Fate to Earn Money

When I was almost without anything except pieces of hope, I decided to do whatever I could to succeed while in college and that was when I chose to join MLM and developed multi-skills thus working on my soft as well as hard skills. I polished my personality and learned the art of copywriting, and website designing, and enhanced my PR skills.

2019-2020Durvesh Yadav

In Just Eight months, I started earning in Lakhs per month

With all ups and downs, turns and twists, I reached a level where my income showed in lakhs while I was still in the third year of college.

Was that possible? How could I do that? How could a student who was in a state of doubt and confusion make lakhs of rupees in a short span of time?

2021Durvesh Yadav

How could a confused mind change his destiny and win a satisfying career?

I decided to document my journey. I noted every step I took, every change I made, the way I developed a healthy mindset, and thus paving my way to becoming an entrepreneur. I defeated the middle-class mentality and rose above all struggles, established beliefs, and made my rules to choose what I am best at. Thus, I became a successful entrepreneur while just studying in college.

2021Durvesh Yadav

Felicitated By Bharat Youth Award 2021

In Aug 2021 on The Youth Day, I Got Felicitated with Bharat Youth Award 2021 to Inspire the world and do something meaningful for myself and for the young generation!

2022Durvesh Yadav

Fast Forward 2022

The journey so far has been enlightening and blessed by the Almighty. After my drop out of college in the year 2020, I focussed solely on my company- A PR & Marketing Agency assisting brands and companies #1 in the industry.

Until now we have worked for more than 300+ Brands. We keep the faith of our clients and our clients trust us. We have built a healthy bond thus helping our clients to achieve what they desire.

We continue our wonderful journey by the grace of God and look forward to connecting with more and more ambitious people, inspiring more and working more, leaving a legacy to be celebrated.

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